The 49th Day

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Logline: A young girl’s imaginary friend starts killing her family off, one by one. But how can you stop Death when she wants to play?

The Mythical Golden Trout

Genre: Family Comedy

Logline: When a cash-strapped family camping in the Sierras discovers an exquisite nugget of gold, the local sheriff slashes the tires on their battered minivan, rounds up a posse of his clueless friends, and tries to steal it from them.

The Demon of Hope Street

Genre: Thriller

Logline: A homeless vet, haunted by the war, discovers that a deranged street preacher is murdering his followers to send them to heaven — and he might be next.

Sovereign Citizen

Genre: Thriller

Logline: A single mother with nothing to lose joins the doomsday cult of armed, anti-government sovereign citizens that kidnapped her son and makes a desperate bid to win his freedom.

The Squawker

Genre: Comedy / Action / Adventure

Logline: Two gonzo grad students and a fearless Native American woman clash with the FBI as they search for an endangered, sacred bird on her tribal homeland that could save the area from loggers.

The Liberty Bell Sweepstakes

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Logline: A dazzling young woman who practices her own special brand of magic leads three love-struck guys on an impossible quest to win a big pile of cash on the Fourth of July.