The Mythical Golden Trout

Genre: Family Comedy

Logline: When a cash-strapped family camping in the Sierras discovers an exquisite nugget of gold, the local sheriff slashes the tires on their battered minivan, rounds up a posse of his clueless friends, and tries to steal it from them.


Ray, his wife, and their two college-aged daughters take a camping trip to the mountains. The family has fallen on hard times, and they're on the verge of losing their home. While fishing in an alpine lake, they discover a big nugget of gold. 

When Wyatt, the local sheriff, catches wind of what happened, he deputizes three of his clueless friends and sets out to track the family down and steal it from them. In a desperate bid to escape, Ray leads his family on a trek deep into the back country — with the well-armed posse hot on their trail.

The posse chases them through the forest, into the mountains, across freezing streams, and up a steep trail that carves its way along the side of a granite cliff. They Ray injures his ankle, and a bear gets the last of their food. The sheriff and his trigger-happy friends close in, fire warning shots over their heads, and demand that they hand over the gold.

The family gets pinned down in a meadow. Cowering behind a boulder, they come up with a brazen plan. 

Author’s Note: This is a coming of old age story. When people think about rites of passage, they often think about what young people go through, like going away to school, your first lover, getting married, and things like that. But growing old is a rite of passage too.