The Demon of Hope Street

Genre: Thriller

Logline: A homeless vet, haunted by the war, discovers that a deranged street preacher is murdering his followers to send them to heaven — and if he doesn’t stop him, he might be next.


Mike returns home from the war with a Bronze Star and severe PTSD. He wakes from a nightmare and fires his Glock at a dark figure lurking in his bedroom doorway. It’s his son. His wife lunges at him, and the bullets miss their mark. Mike drives off into the night, leaving his family behind.

Mike ends up on skid row at the Hope Street Mission where he meets Isaiah, a street preacher who sustains a head injury and comes to believe he’s been given a special calling from the Lord. Isaiah shares God's message of love on the street, then leads one of his followers down a dark alley and injects him with a lethal dose of morphine. The next night Isaiah murders someone else. Now they won’t be suffering anymore. They’ll be in heaven.

Mike needs to hunt down the killer if he’s ever going to find a path to peace and redemption — and his way back home to his family.